Dr. Maire Mahanes and her staff at Charlottesville Cat Care provide the very best of medical care for your feline friend. The entire staff consistently goes above and beyond to give compassionate and professional care in an environment that minimizes stress to you and your cat. You may be confident that you simply cannot do better for your cat than C’ville Cat Care. They are the best! – Carolyn Norgren

I love Charlottesville Cat Care! Our cat Tia has been a patient for over 11 years. They have a loving & caring team that were so helpful during our struggles getting Tia healthy last year. The staff at Charlottesville Cat Care were amazing! I would highly recommend them to anyone! – Becky Riggle

Best docs ever for cats! – Wendie Price

Cat Care and its staff are more than just vets, vet techs and office personnel – they are my friends – truly – my comforters and counselors. In addition to their profound knowledge about cats, it is their genuine compassion and sincere concern about me and my cats that touch my heart. There is no “clinical feel” to the visits. I am not just a client and my cats are not just another dollar to be made – my cats and are a part of the Cat Care family. Visits are like going home for the holidays – warm, comfortable, reassuring. – Melonie P. Morris

I can’t remember exactly who suggested Cat Care but I’m thinking it was divine intervention, or exactly how many years ago but it was at least 17 years, 5 cats, 1 litter of kittens, 1 neighborhood feral bobtail and a raccoon ago. I won’t even go into all of the people-stuff we’ve all been through during this time! There have been the exciting new kitty visits, the scary injuries, the chronic illnesses, the runaways, a surgery or two, the old kitty close-watches, sleep-overs while we were out of town and the sweetest kindest most heartfelt goodbyes true friends could ever share.

Maire and Stacy (and everyone), you are part of our family – you have expertly cared for our ‘babies’ and in turn cared for us. You are amazing – brilliant, loving, compassionate, funny and you are stuck with us forever.there is absolutely no one else we would trust our kitties to. We love you guys. – Lisa Meyer & Barry Morris (Milli, Madi, Max, Spike, Sunshine, Bobby and kittens & the raccoon)

We became converts of Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic in 2004 when Dr. Mahanes correctly diagnosed, treated, and cured one of my senior cats who had been treated by a host of other vets without success and we’ve brought our feline companions to them ever since! Their practice handles all types of cat personalities with ease (everything from feral to shy to outright hostile and anyone in between) and they have treated successfully every feline medical problem we’ve brought to them, ranging from snake bites to limb amputations to thyroid disease to eye removal plus a host of behavioral problems. Their caring, competent, knowledgeable manner extends to all the staff at Cat Care, from the front desk staff to the vet techs (especially Stacy Campbell whose upbeat personality and expertise can get you through many a crisis) to the wonderfully skilled vets. Our rather large feline brood depends upon Charlottesville Cat Care for all their feline medical needs, and as a cat owner for over 50 years, I full-heartedly recommend this group without hesitation and personally would not consider any other veterinary option. – Becky and Jim Craig

John and I want you all to know how much we appreciate Cat Care and all you do for our precious felines. The Doctors and Staff there are very knowledgeable, attentive, kind, friendly, and thorough. They are outstanding in every way. You have been attending our cats for the last seven years, and it is such a blessing and relief to know that they are so well taken care of on a routine basis, as well as when they are boarded. In addition, we are really pleased that you have cats only service…as our cats are naturally nervous around dogs. Thank you everyone for your tremendous energy and dedication. You are truly amazing. – Nancy & John B

Cat Care has been caring for my cats since I moved to Charlottesville in 2000. The veterinarians, technicians and staff are always so caring, patient, helpful and knowledgable. Their caring and concern do not stop with the office visit. They are fabulous with follow ups and communication beyond the office visit. Cat Care is the only place I will take my kitty kids! – Melissa McClure

In 1994 my husband and I decided to get a kitten for our nine year old son. We had never had a cat before, so we were clueless on how to take care of one. Luckily we chose Cat Care for our new kitten Friski. Dr. Mahanes and Stacey were incredible. They helped us provide a great home for Friski and made sure he was very healthy. Over the years Cat Care has grown in size. But the personalized care has remained the same. All cats are treated with expertise, concern, laughter and love. I discovered how hard it is to lose a pet. The support of the staff at Cat Care was incredible. I have adopted four more cats since Friski. I would never consider anyone but the Staff at Cat Care for their needs. Thank you! – Mary Jean Shiflet

I have take my cats to Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic for a number of years now, and I would never use another clinic.

We have been through a wide spectrum of issues with our cats, and they have met each one with great skill and empathy. One of our cats is extremely difficult to handle, and they have always met the challenges of working with him with patience and good humor. Another was painfully shy, and they were incredibly gentle with her, and when severe health issues led to making a difficult end of life decision for her, they were wonderful helping me and her through the process. They have always been extremely responsive to all of my concerns and questions, and take a lot of time both in person and by phone to talk things over.

Dr. Mahanes, Stacy, and the rest of the staff obviously love cats, care deeply about their clients, and are dedicated to providing the best care in the most supportive and friendly environment that I have ever run across in a veterinary clinic. I couldn’t recommend them more! – Jen Morris

The staff and Veterinarians are have given my kitty the best care through out the years. They truly love their clients. – Marie Jones

I moved to Charlottesville 10 years ago with 3 cats. A co-worker told me about Cat Care. She couldn’t say enough about the friendly staff, great care her cat had received and their convenient location. I was skeptical because I had been with my last vet for 12 years. Within minutes of my first visit, I knew I had made the right choice. Cat Care has a warm, caring staff. Several things that make Cat Care special to me are:

1. No barking dogs, less stress for my cats.
2. Gentle, caring staff–my cats never come home upset or traumatized after a visit–even if they are the anxious type.
3. Great communication–the vet techs and vets take the time to talk with you, in person and over the phone to explain every detail about your pets care. I never feel rushed or like just another customer.
4. After the first visit, you and your cats are greeted by name. They even ask how my other kitties are doing that I don’t have with me on that particular day.
5. They are there to assist you with all medical decisions about your cats, and help you prepare and plan as your cat ages.
6. Harmonious environment within the office. Everyone works together. This brings a positive energy to me and my cats.
7. Low staff turnover. The same smiling faces are there to great you visit after visit. They know your cats history and your cat.

I would highly suggest Cat Care to anyone who loves their cat(s) and wants the best care available–you and your cat(s) won’t be disappointed! – Cindy Herstek

Cat Care Clinic is the best! The staff have cared for our cats for 15 years, and been wonderful. – Jen Smith