Cat Behavior Advice You Should Know About

At Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, our veterinarian in Charlottesville is committed to providing your feline family member with the highest standard of veterinary care. We know all-too-well that cats can be mysterious creatures, and sometimes there’s a fine line between a cute “quirk” and a serious behavioral problem.

Common Cat Behavioral Issues and How to Address Them
There are many common behavioral problems that can be exhibited by young kittens and adult cats alike. One of the more common problems is that of inappropriate elimination, which occurs when a cat neglects to use the litter box and instead conducts its business elsewhere in the home. Aside from making sure your cat’s litter box is being scooped at least once a day and that there is a minimum of one box per cat in the home, you may also need to consider the possibility of an underlying medical condition causing this behavior. Urinary tract infections, for example, can cause a cat to have litter box issues.

Another common issue cat owners ask us about is destructive scratching. It’s important to realize that cats have a natural inclination to scratch; in fact, this action serves the purpose of removing the old shell cases of the claws as they grow out. If your cat is scratching at furniture or curtains, make sure your cat has access to plenty of surfaces that he or she is allowed to scratch, such as vertical scratching posts and cat trees. De-clawing should never be considered as a humane option to stop destructive scratching.

Finally, if your cat seems to have aggression towards humans or other animals in the home, it may be that your cat simply has too much pent up energy and not enough outlets with which to exercise it. Try taking at least 15 minutes out of each day to play with your cat and you may find that he or she is less aggressive or confrontational with others.

When It’s Time to Bring Your Cat Into Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic
Any of the above behavioral problems could also be linked to underlying medical issues, so if these tips don’t help, be sure to call our Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic at (434) 975-2287 to schedule an appointment.

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