Cat Care Dental Tips

Like humans, cats are at risk for dental disease, which can significantly impact their overall health and longevity–and lead to significant financial consequences for you as a pet owner. The cost of treating common feline dental diseases–including periodontal disease, tooth decay, and gum inflammation–can be significant. The best way to keep your cat happy and healthy is to consistently practice good dental hygiene.

Top Tips for Cat Dental Care

1. Prevention is key. Stopping dental disease before it begins is clearly the best way to ensure your cat’s health. So how do you do this? Brush your cat’s teeth! If possible, begin when your cat is still a kitten, so the animal will grow up used to the process. Your veterinarian can teach you the proper techniques, and provide you with other feline dental products including toys, gels, rinses, and prescription and non-prescription diets.

2. Know the signs and symptoms of feline dental disease. The sooner you identify a potential problem and bring it to the attention of your veterinarian, the sooner your cat can receive the proper assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. The most common signs include: bad breath, loose, discolored or missing teeth (in adult cats), unusually sloppy eating (such as chewing only on one side of the mouth, or frequently dropping food), excessive drooling or sneezing, excessive pawing at the mouth, decreased appetite, weight loss, and oral bleeding.

3. Regularly take your cat in for a pet wellness exam. Don’t wait until you think there’s a problem–cats can have oral health problems even without showing any signs or symptoms. Annual pet wellness exams allows your veterinarian to fully inspect your cat’s mouth, and look for warning signs of diseases that may affect your cat’s teeth, mouth, and overall health.

Cats–It’s All We Do!

Is your cat’s dental health in top shape? At Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, the well-being of your furry feline is our top priority. To learn more about our cat dental team or to get more information about other feline services we offer, call our office today.

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