Senior Cat Care Tips

Senior cats, like all cats, need lots of love and attention! At Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic , we think it’s important that all cat owners know how to care for their pets at any age. The following tips will help you take care of your cat when he or she is older.

Talk to your cat’s veterinarian about diet. Older cats have a variety of special dietary needs. Some cats require a low-sodium, low-protein diet to maintain their kidney health. Your cat’s veterinarian will be able to advise you in these matters, so you can be sure to feed your cat the proper diet for his or her needs.
Take your cat to the veterinarian twice a year. Older cats need to go to the vet at least twice per year in order to catch serious diseases when they’re still in their early stages. This kind of preventative care can help improve your cat’s quality of life and keep your cat healthy.

Get your cat professionally groomed. Mental deterioration and muscle stiffness from arthritis can prevent your cat from engaging in proper grooming habits. Getting your cat professionally groomed will help keep your cat’s coat and skin in good health.

Get your cat vaccinated.   Vaccinations will help your cat stay healthy. Your cat’s veterinarian can tell you which vaccinations your cat should get and how often to get the shots.
Inspect your cat regularly. Take the time to regularly inspect your cat’s coat, skin and teeth for signs of  disease. Check your cat’s bedding and water dish to ensure that your cat has a comfortable place to sleep and enough water to drink.

Work With Your Veterinarian

Work with your  veterinarian to ensure that your older cat gets the care he or she needs to be happy and comfortable. Make an appointment with Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic today. Call us at (434) 975-2287.

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