Superior Cat Boarding in Charlottesville

Cats are special creatures with unique needs and preferences. Because our veterinary focus is only feline, our veterinarians have the knowledge and skill to deal with your cat’s specific needs and psychological requirements. This includes our cat boarding facility which gives your cat the best and most loving care when you’re away.

Why Boarding?

Typically, traveling with a cat is no fun for either of you. Leaving your cat at home alone is not ideal because even with a daily visit from a neighbor or friend, they are prone to  depression, anxiety and even destructive behavior. Then there is the fear that a medical crisis might arise. Consult with Charlottesvlle Cat Care Clinic and see if cat boarding is right for your pet.

Specialized Care for Cats

No dogs allowed! Dogs inevitably rile many felines, and there are absolutely no dogs even close to our cat boarding facility. Even the sounds and smells of dogs can make cats miserable. Instead, we supply our cat boarding facility with all the things cats love, including an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Each Cat is an Individual

Cats have distinctive personalities and we treat each one as an individual. This means providing any necessary veterinary care, giving regular and favorite meals, and making sure your pet has the proper degree of interaction he or she needs. Also, we can either provide food or you can bring your own, as well as any favorite toys to make for an emotionally positive experience.

Our Facilities

The best way to check out our stellar cat boarding facility is to come for a visit. But in the meantime, besides our immaculate and bright ambiance, our cages measure 26”x26”x20” and 26”x26”x32” and are resin-molded with no seams for germs and bacteria to crawl into. We also have condos – 2 cages connected by a porthole – for an additional fee.

Schedule Boarding For Your Cat At Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic

No matter how old your cat, or what medical issue he or she may have, we are here to provide superior and caring cat boarding for your pet. Give us a call for a personalized tour.

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