The Quiet Alternative: Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic Services

At Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic in Charlottesville, Virginia, we’re proud to provide a dog-free environment where cats can get proper attention for their health-related needs. We offer a range of health care treatments for your cat. From surgeries to wellness checkups and cat dental care, we offer a little bit of everything. We treat cats of all ages, taking them from their kitten stage into their senior years.

The Advantages of a Dog-Free Environment

Why is a dog-free environment good for cats? There are many reasons.

  • Environmental. Cats tend to be calmer and quieter without dogs present. Putting dogs and cats together in one clinic can create an unpleasant environment for cats. At a time when many cats feel anxious about their visit to the veterinarian, subtracting dogs from the equation can make visits to the veterinarian more relaxing and pleasant for everyone.
  • Expertise. At the Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, we treat cats exclusively, which means that our veterinarians have dedicated countless hours to the care and treatment of cats. Quite frankly, we know cats. When you bring your cat to the Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, you’re getting the very best care for your feline companion.

Contact Charlottesville Cat Care Today!

If you’re looking for a veterinarian for your cat, look no further than the Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic. Call us today to make an appointment. Whether your cat needs vaccinations, a standard physical examination, diagnostic tests, or a surgical procedure, we can do all that here.

Does your cat get regular dental care? If not, take your cat to our clinic today and we’ll be happy to examine your cat’s teeth and clean them as necessary. Has your cat had all of his or her shots? Then it’s time to have that done! We’ll handle all your cat care needs. For more information, call us today at (434) 975-2287.

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