veterinarian near meIf you’ve owned a cat for any period of time, you know that these animals have special needs — not just in terms of food and water or medical care, but also in their preferences for particular environments. When you must be away from your cats for a significant period of time, they may experience separation anxiety and loneliness; put them in a kennel full of barking dogs, however, and they’ll be just as miserable there even if their other basic needs are met. That’s why Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic is happy to provide feline-friendly   boarding services for cats just like yours.

Veterinary boarding just makes sense for pets in the first place. Most animals hate the feeling that they’ve been abandoned (even though cats can enjoy solitude on their own terms), and a brief daily visit from a neighbor or relative hardly compensates. This can make a sensitive creature like a cat prone to severe depression, anxiety or even destructive behavior. Even more worrying is the possibility that a medical crisis may afflict the pet while no one is around to notice  Animals with medical issues typically require close monitoring and regular dosages of medication — and for that, you need a skilled cat sitter or you need to keep your cat at a veterinary boarding center.

Specialized Cat Care and Boarding Near Me

Cats present a special challenge for boarding facilities. Feline guests thrive in calm, quiet, serene settings that a “mixed” pet population can’t always provide. The sounds, smells and rambunctious activities of dogs, for example, can create a great deal of stress and unhappiness in cats, especially when the environment is an unfamiliar one. Since we’re a cats-only clinic, our  cat boarding center is less likely to present this problem. We are able to optimize our cat boarding facility with a variety of enticing foods and an ambience of peace and quiet.

But of course we don’t leave our feline visitors completely alone. In addition to veterinary care as needed, we also provide regular meals and the right degree of affection to suit your cat’s personality and level of socialization. If your cat has favorite toys or foods, bring them to us and we can incorporate them into the boarding stay for the ultimate in emotional reassurance.

Our Cat Boarding Facilities

Our clinic offers boarding for cats of all ages and any medical condition! We offer boarding on a short-term or extended basis. Our cages measure 26″x26″x20″ and 26″x26″x32 and are resin molded without seams for germs/ bacteria to hide in. Cage doors are removable for disinfection when each boarder goes home. Condos (2 cages connected by a porthole) are available upon request for an additional fee.  We make sure all our boarders are safe but also provide cozy bedding and hideaways to make their time away from home as comfortable as possible.  Clients are encouraged to bring special diets, but we are able to provide a wide variety of canned and dry foods.  Our staff is extremely attentive, making sure all needs are met.  If any veterinary care is needed during their stay, we can provide that as well.

We DO NOT offer a play area or let cats roam due to potential health risks (most kitties are too nervous to enjoy the freedom in a new environment anyway). We DO require current vaccines to ensure the health of all of our patients.

If your cat is not a current patient and requires intervention or a change in veterinary care (new medication, etc.), we are required by the state to examine your kitty prior to any treatment.

Schedule Boarding Services from Our Charlottesville Cat Veterinarian

We will be more than happy to host your special friend at  Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic. Be aware, however, that availability can be limited, especially during hectic holiday seasons. You’ll want to plan your cat’s boarding stay well in advance if at all possible to ensure that your cat has a spot. You may also need to schedule vaccination updates and other required preliminaries with our veterinarian. As Cat Care requires a current examination and vaccinations. Call (434) 975-2287 for more information!