vet near meAt Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic in Charlottesville, VA, we believe that cat dental care is critical to your cat’s health and quality of life. Knowing  your cat’s oral hygiene needs can help you take proper care of your feline friend.

Recognize the Signs of Dental Disease in Cats

Knowing the signs of dental disease can help you take care of your cat’s oral hygiene and get your cat the help he or she needs in the event of a dental problem. The symptoms of dental disease include:

  • Loose teeth
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Pain in the mouth while eating, tilting head or chewing on one side
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing, dropping food
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Spots on the teeth and gums
  • Puffy, red, inflamed gums

Dental Care Can Help

Dental care is critical for warding off significant dental disease as well as other diseases associated with the inflammation or infection in the mouth. Knowing how to take care of your cat’s teeth and gums can help you avoid the conditions described above and can help restore your cat’s quality of life in the event that he or she has a dental problem. At Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, we provide cats with the following services:

  • Dental exams. During our dental exams, we’ll check your cat for signs of gum disease, tooth decay and dental distress.
  • Treatment plans. After performing a physical exam, we’ll tell you the best treatment plans for your cat .  We will include procedures that may be performed at Cat Care as well as measures you can take at home to continue good dental hygiene.
  • Dental cleaning. With our dental cleaning services, we remove plaque from your pet’s teeth and leave them clean and polished.
  • X-rays. X-ray pictures tell us which of your cat’s teeth are in the worst shape, where the problems in the gums are and what needs to be removed.
  • Extractions. Although we try to save your cat’s teeth in the event of a problem, we perform tooth extractions when a tooth is badly damaged and beyond saving.
  • Owner education. In addition to performing the normal dental services of a cat veterinarian, we’ll also train you and other members of your family to take care of your cat’s teeth. Knowing how to brush your cat’s teeth and provide your cat with proper dental care will help you prevent dental problems and gum disease.

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