vet near meOur groomer, Stacy Marion, is available by appointment for simple grooming tasks or major grooms with cooperative patients.  Otherwise, we can schedule a drop-off for more lengthy grooms.

She is able to perform a wide variety of services for your cat including:

  • Combing out undercoat
  • Clipping mats
  • Perineal clip (potty path clip)
  • Complete bodyclip

We are also able to sedate or anesthetize your cat (if needed) in order to be clipped. Cats must be fasted for anesthetic procedures.  If your cat is not a client or is past due for an exam, a physical exam can be performed by one of our Veterinarians to ensure the safety of your cat for anesthesia.

For more information about our grooming services, contact us at (434) 975-2287.