Welcome to Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic’s First Blog Entry!

We’re very excited to present this blog to cat lovers and our patients in the Charlottesville area. In future posts, we’ll be passing along informational articles, tidbits, advice and more. We hope to become a valuable resource to all members of the community seeking more information about how to properly take care of their cats.

Serving the Charlottesville Area Since 1993

The Charlottesville Cat Clinic is an all-feline veterinary service founded in 1993 by Dr. Maire Mahanes. The original purpose of the Cat Clinic was to offer cat owners a “quiet alternative” to standard clinics where dogs and cats are treated together. Since that time, the Charlottesville Cat Clinic has been expanding its operation to offer all the latest medical treatments and all the best care to cats of the Charlottesville community.

Offering a Range of Services

The Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic is proud to offer a range of services to its patients. These services include:

  • Physical examinations. During our physical examinations, we’ll check your cat for illnesses, parasites and other problems. If we find an issue with your cat’s health, we’ll talk to you about the problem and make recommendations for treatment.
  • Dental care. Cats need dental care just as much as people. During dental cleaning procedures, we’ll examine your cat’s teeth, look for cavities, remove tartar and plaque and make tooth extractions if necessary.
  • Diagnosis. We diagnose cat  illnesses and then provide our clients   with the information they need about their cat’s  condition.
  • Vaccinations. Vaccinations help keep your cat healthy and help you avoid common feline diseases. We track feline vaccinations and remind you when boosters are due.

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We concentrate on  feline health, which means that when you bring your cat to the Charlottesville Cat Care Clinic, we have  the expertise  to care for your cat. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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